NASA Prepares Antimatter-Hunting Detector for Space Shuttle Launch


16 March 2011



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A high-tech astrophysics experiment that will probe the mysteries of our universe is getting ready to fly to the International Space Station aboard the space shuttle Endeavour when it launches on its final mission next month.

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) is a particle physics detector that will primarily measure high-energy particles in space, called cosmic rays, and search for signs of antimatter and mysterious dark matter in the universe.


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Bizarre Dark Energy Theory Gets Boost From New Measurements



15 march 2011


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Credits : NASA and ESA


New measurements of the expansion rate of the universe lend new support for the theory of dark energy that suggests a mysterious force is pulling the cosmos apart at ever-increasing speeds.


Scientists have few ideas why such a force would exist, but the evidence for dark energy –

which like dark matter has remained elusive to detection attempts – is growing, and a competing hypothesis can apparently be ruled out. [The Strangest Things in Space]


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